How to Host A Virtual Summit To Grow Your Online Business in 2024

A fun, powerful, and very relevant way to grow your authority and your online business.

Enroll & Learn How to Run Your Own Virtual Summit!Hey there! My name is Damon but most people call me Coach Damon because I coach lacrosse goalies.

I recently finished hosting my 6th virtual summit for my lacrosse goalie business. 


And I gotta tell you, these things are absolutely amazing

Why ... you ask?

Let me count the ways. 

1.) Virtual summits give your business a nice dose of revenue! For just a 4 day event ...

Virtual Summit Sales

That doesn't even count sales of my order bump (!) nor sales of my training course (!!) after the summit ended 😉

The Virtual Summit structure is a simple, clean and effective way to make sales even if you don't have a product yet.

The Virtual Summit itself is a product you sell! 

The way I setup the Summit also allows you to make sales in such a generous and giving way. It feels so good. 

2.) Virtual summits are an amazing way to attract brand new leads! 

My email list was tiny (<500) when I put on the 2nd summit and I added 858 new goalies, coaches, and parents to my list. 


When you put on a virtual summit the word will start to spread and you will attract your fans. 

The speakers will invite their fans to attend and those fans will become your fans. 

This event will not only attract leads but very well qualified leads because if they signed up for your event we know they're very interested in that niche. 

Each time I run a virtual summit now my list expands by thousands. 

3.) Virtual summits make you an authority in your niche! 

If you're going to be successful in online business, it helps if you can position yourself as an authority of your niche

In his book Influence, author Robert Caldini lists "authority" as one of the psychological triggers that influences sales and persuasion. 

Some think they can't host a summit because they're not an authority in the niche. To which I say this-

Virtual Summits make you an authority in your niche!

Even if you're a nobody in your niche, if you're able to assemble a panel of expert speakers, the audience will view the host (a.k.a you!) as an authority!

After my last summit, I got this email from the founder & CEO of a large lacrosse equipment company wanting to collaborate with me on their new goalie product! 


4.) Virtual summits are so much fun! 

Here's a screenshot of me discussing the game with a couple of goalies who played back in the 1970's and I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun it was to host this.

So many sessions were a lethal combination of laughs and "ah ha" moments. 


Rod in the top left uses Zoom like my parents, with half the head cutoff the entire time 🤣

The chat of every session was full of comments of goalies and parents expression awe of how great this event was and how their youngster was learning. 


5.) Virtual summits give you content, content, content! 

Seriously, when the summit ends you never have to worry about content for your online business ever again. 

Share video clips, quotes, amazing ideas you learned, funny moments, etc. - all on your social media. 

You'll attract your tribe to you and build your social media presence by pulling out awesome pieces of your virtual summit to share with the world. 

6.) Virtual Summits are an amazing learning opportunity for both you and your audience!

Look at some of the testimonials I got... 

Virtual Summit TestimonialVirtual Summit Testimonial 2Virtual Summit Testimonial 3Virtual Summit Testimonial 4Virtual Summit Testimonial 5
Virtual Summit Testimonial 6Virtual Summit Testimonial 7Virtual Summit Testimonial 8Virtual Summit Testimonial 9

The best part is... 

With a solid plan and using Simplero - virtual summits are actually not that hard to execute. 

If you're interested in adding a Virtual Summit to your online business...

(and you should be if you read what I wrote above)...

... I would like to extend a special invite to Virtual Summit Pro where I teach you how to run a kick-ass virtual summit. 

Your Fast-Track to Virtual Summit Mastery

Hosting a Virtual Summit is one of the most powerful ideas for supercharging your online business. You grow your authority, your revenue, your list size, your confidence with each event! 

But, like many powerful tools, there's a steep learning curve.

On your own, it might take months to fully harness its capabilities. There's a lot to consider and most get overwhelmed even just thinking about where to start. 

That's why my students love Virtual Summit Pro - to skip the learning curve, become a pro, and quickly master virtual summits to skyrocket their online business. 



In this online training course, I'll show you my entire playbook for running a successful virtual summit with Simplero.

Here's the mind map I created to cover all elements of hosting a virtual summit using Simplero.

Want to be a Virtual Summit Pro?

This is our agenda! It's everything you need: 

  • from idea
  • to planning
  • to setup
  • to execution
  • to follow up

I'll show you how to put together all the pieces of a successful virtual summit! 

I'll show you how to get sales, get speakers, get new leads! And most importantly - I'll show you how to do all that without pulling out your hair. 

What will you learn?

Virtual Summit Pro covers everything you need to learn to host your own virtual summit on Simplero and produce more leads, more authority and more revenue for your online business. 

1. WHY host a Virtual Summit and what exactly is a Virtual Summit anyways? 

  • What is a virtual summit anyways?
  • 7 reasons you need to add a virtual summit to your online business
  • The 9 mental triggers of influence and why virtual summits hit on ALL of them

2. How to PLAN your entire virtual summit

  • Why a name and tagline is so important and how to come up with a good one
  • How to find and pitch speakers for your event
  • 5 different ideas to monetize your Virtual Summit
  • 3 recording strategies you can use for your Virtual Summit and the pro's and con's of each
  • A simple yet effective marketing plan for your Virtual Summit
  • How to land sponsors for your Virtual Summit

3. How to SETUP YOUR TECH (SIMPLERO) to run a smooth virtual summit. I'll show you exactly how I setup all of this ... 

  • Simplero List
  • Simplero Registration Page
  • Simplero Upsell Page
  • Simplero Thank You Page
  • Simplero Product 
  • Simplero Automation
  • Simplero Membership Site
  • Zoom Webinars

Plus you can use my page designs as templates with Simplero's 'steal this page' links. 

I'll give you my email copy for the automation too! 

4. How to setup a Facebook Ad campaign promoting your Virtual Summit to attract new signups and sales!

  • I'll walkthrough a simple campaign that produced awesome results for me - $1.00 per lead PLUS 48 product sales direct from ad traffic 😃

5. How to Execute the Virtual Summit 

The big day has arrived! So exciting. We'll cover how to make sure everything goes smooth!

  • Why you must have a backup plan and types of things to plan for
  • How to be a good host - 5 tips for running the sessions
  • Why you probably want to hire a VA and how they can help you
  • An awesome strategy to ensure the buzz flourishes as the event is happening - attracting even more folks on day 2 and 3! 

6. Your Post Virtual Summit Plan

After you've just run a successful event you've got a lot of buzz, energy, and momentum. I'll show you how to turn that into product sales and testimonials. 

  • The 7 important things you must do after your virtual summit
  • How to get amazing testimonials
  • Different ways to keep the momentum going

220-2206776_transparent-100-days-clipart-30-days-money-back If you're not fully satisfied with the course, just email Damon within 30 days and we'll get you taken care of. 


What are the Virtual Summit Pro students saying?

Gert Skoczowsky Danielsen
Creator of the Virtual Empathy Festival for Nordic Countries



Damon teaches you everything you need to know about how to host successful virtual summits using Simplero. I repeat: everything: All the way from conceptualization and big-picture strategy down to the smallest tactics and execution, from recruiting speakers to running your event, from tech setup to specific post summit to do’s, etc. You will even learn how to run Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns. Damon has run several profitable summits himself, he knows Simplero inside and out, and he is a master at teaching you how to use Simplero. If you want learn how to run successful virtual summits using Simplero, you will not find a better resource.

Jose Luis Romero 
Creator of the Manager World Summit


Just $297 for every step you need to run a successful virtual summit and add an amazing asset to your online business in Simplero! You ready?

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Hey there! I'm Damon Wilson!

I'm the former Head of Customer Success at Simplero, an all-in-one online business platform, where it was my sole job to make Simplero customers successful!

I've coached * thousands * of entrepreneurs in all industries and now I want to coach you!

While at Simplero I was fortunate enough to get thousands of dollars in online courses learning what it takes to really achieve success in your online business.

I apply those concepts to own business and teach what works and what doesn't. 

Virtual Summits work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase?

Immediately following your purchase, you will receive an access to the course and all the templates inside.

What if I have a question about my virtual summit? 

With your purchase of the course, you get email access to Damon. Simply shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can (typically same day). 

Will this training give me everything I need to run a virtual summit?

Yep! From start to finish, from figuring out what your summit will be about to finding and pitches presenters to executing a great summit, this training is designed to teach you everything you need. Additionally, you'll nail down exact steps to earn revenue from your virtual summit. We are running an online business after all 😀

What if I'm not happy with the course?

If you're not happy with the course for any reason, shoot me an email and I'll try to get it resolved. If I'm unable to help we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Will you be running another virtual summit?

Absolutely! Like anything in online business they get better with each one! I have run 3 virtual summits already and I will be running 3 more in 2021. One per quarter! 


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